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Duquesne SBDC gets funding via CARES Act

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Here's how the money will be put to work to help small businesses deal with Covid-19 related challenges.

Local entrepreneur gets a boost from Small Business Development Center

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On an average day, Trina Worrell Benjamin handles invoices, returns calls and emails, directs a team of nearly a dozen employees and manages a client roster that has included big names like Rite Aid and Toys“R”Us. She admits her first steps into entrepreneurship were not easy. But with the help of…

Local entrepreneur gets a boost from Small Business Development Center

  • SBDC: Temple University SBDC
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Pennsylvania SBDC Urges Businesses to Prepare for Impacts of Hurricane Sandy

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The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) is urging all small businesses throughout Pennsylvania to prepare now for the impacts of Hurricane Sandy.  While this storm has the potential to have severe economic impacts throughout Pennsylvania, by preparing in advance of the storm, businesses can lessen the potential negative effects of the storm and its aftermath.
All small businesses are urged to immediately take the following steps:

  • Download all important business documents and records, including key customer and supplier contact lists, to portable devices and send copies through email and save backup versions using online storage options.
  • Secure all paper documents in a place least likely to be flooded or damaged.
  • Charge all devices.  
  • Photograph and video the business premises and upload the photos and videos online.
  • Unplug all electrical devices.
  • Move equipment to the highest possible location in the premises.
  • Remain in contact with customers on the status of the business.

Important Documents to have copies of include:

  • Contact Information of employees, customers, and vendors
  • Insurance documents
  • Ownership and lease documents, titles and deeds
  • Tax records
  • Inventories, warranties and receipts from any recent purchases
  • Personnel records

Additional tips on how to prepare for the storm are available on the Pennsylvania SBDC website’s Emergency Response page.  This page will continue to be updated throughout the storm and its aftermath. This section of the website also includes information on actions for businesses to take after the storm to re-establish their operations.
Most SBDCs in Pennsylvania are currently closed, but should reopen shortly after the storm passes.  SBDC staff will be available to assist companies in recovering from the effects of the storm.  For assistance, small businesses should contact their local SBDC.  Locations and contact information is available at:

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