CMC: Blue Print Reading

This module is not available as a stand alone course as it is part of a series. Construction print reading is a training course designed specifically for those who desire knowledge of basic Print Reading (blueprint reading) or increased knowledge of construction drawings. The course is one of several technical topical areas developed specifically to fulfill the requirements of the Construction Management Certificate Program (CMC). The course utilizes a combination of text, plans, and blue print readings including many activities and exercises for student learning. The course is ideal for construction contractors, independent contractors engaged in the construction industry, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, technically skilled workers engaged in various trades, apprentices, and adult construction workers. Upon completion of this training course you will be able to navigate construction documents. Print Reading for Construction covers the basic requirements that will allow any contractor to proficiently translate what the drawings depict. It teaches the interpretation and visualization of residential and commercial construction prints. The instructor has worked in the construction industry for over 40 years. Features: