Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Cyber-attacks targeting businesses with fewer than 250 employees have steadily increased over the last five years, according to the cybersecurity firm Symantec. In 2015, 43 percent of all attacks targeted small businesses, up from 34 percent the previous year. Research by the National Cyber Security Alliance indicates that within six months of a cyber-attack, 60 percent of small companies go out of business. Cyber threats are becoming more difficult to anticipate and control just as businesses are becoming more dependent on digital resources such as the web, social media, and eCommerce. In addition, new frontiers, such as cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD), increase complexity. Increasing cybersecurity begins with an awareness that obscurity is no longer a feasible defense to advanced techniques, such as watering hole attacks, spear-phishing, and ransomware. This seminar will use case-based learning and scenarios to increase awareness of cybersecurity threats, as well as provide tips and recommendations to reduce vulnerability. Learn from Penn State researchers: