QuickBooks - Intermediate I

Lesson Objectives:
1. To discuss some of the tolls QuickBooks gives you for analyzing financial data, QuickReports, preset reports and graphs.
2. How to create QuickReports.
3. To add a column to a report.
4. To learn how to move a column in a report.
5. To learn about the types of preset reports QuickBooks offers.
6. To practice creating reports and viewing them on-screen.
7. To customize a report by changing how it looks and the data it covers (filtering).
8. To learn how to process reports in batches.
9. To save reports as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
10. To learn how to export a report to MS Excel.
11. To practice filtering reports in MS Excel.
12. To learn about the types of graphs QuickBooks offers.
13. To create and customize several graphs.
14. And more.