Cybersecurity Resources

The following resources are provided to help your business to learn about potential cybersecurity threats, help your company become better prepared, and how to respond to suspicious activity or a cybersecurity attack.

Getting up to Speed on Cybersecurity Threats

Action Items for Small Business Owners

Online Learning & Training

Reporting a Cybersecurity Attack

The purpose of this tool is to allow you, a small business owner, to self-evaluate your level of cyber risk.

This assessment contains 30 multiple choice questions. There is no time limit to answer the questions, but you must answer them as truthfully as possible in order to provide the most accurate self-evaluation. Upon completion of the assessment, you will be given a rating for each of the following areas: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. You’ll also receive an overall risk rating and the opportunity to receive an email overview of your responses in PDF format.

We thank our colleagues at the Delaware SBDC for sharing this valuable tool.