The SBDC maintains multiple subscriptions to industry-leading databases and research tools available to assist client businesses. Whether it is running a competitive market report or financial model, the SBDC can be your trusted research partner.

Contact your local SBDC to find out how your business can benefit from the following databases and tools.

CultureGrams - CultureGrams is one of the most widely used and trusted sources of information to help foster understanding and appreciation of the world’s cultures and peoples. This information is critical for business success in today’s global world. The content for each country, state or area includes interviews with native citizens, short biographies of famous locals, geography information and a glossary of cultural terms searchable by keyword.

Industrius CFO - Industrius CFO provides financial profiles and performance information from over one million privately-held companies in 2,500 industries. This information allows business owners to assess their company and compare it to the competition. Reports can be prepared for benchmarking, underwriting to evaluate loan risk, single and multi-statement liquidity/profitability/growth statements projections, valuation, and square footage analyses.

First Research - First Research is the leading provider of market analysis tools used by thousands of sales and marketing professionals. Industry reports offer industry research written from an objective business perspective on more than 900 top industry segments. Reports consist of key statistics and analyses on market and competitive landscape characteristics, operating conditions, business challenges, industry trends, current or historical industry growth, and more. Sales call questions and industry forecasts help business owners make informed decisions in less time.

Hoover's - Hoover’s provides information about 65 million companies, 85 million people, and 900 industry segments. Current business trends and in-depth company and industry reports enable entrepreneurs to have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers. This product is helpful in the generation of sales lists, by providing direct contact information to key people. Current information and news is drawn from top global sources along with editorial analyses that provide information on key competitors, industry trends, and financial conditions of companies worldwide.

SBDCNet - The SBDC National Information Clearinghouse exists to serve the Small Business development Center Network and America’s small business community. SBDCNet produces a broad range of financial, market, and demographic research reports customized to any client’s industry and geographic location.  Their website also features a repository of general research by industry sector and business statistics by year available on-demand.

Geography Analysis Collection allows you to perform a site analysis on a single location or multiple sites that you are considering. You can define the trade area around your sites using drive times or radii. Market analysis allows users to determine the attractiveness of a market given current conditions and leveraging forward looking data. Use this app to understand standard geographies like ZIP Codes and Counties, upload your own areas for analysis, or draw a custom area on a map.