Pronto! Provisions with Passion

Scotta Magnelli had many years of experience in food preparat ion and food styling and had always loved sharing her passion for high quality, specialty food. After years of working many different jobs ranging from graphic design, retails sales, to food service, Scotta decided to open a food store and deli operation in downtown Lewisburg.

Her idea was to offer local customers a wide variety of packaged specialty foods, healthy lunch options, and organic ingredients, with a focus on Pacific Rim food. Scotta and her business partner, Robert Lack, came to the Bucknell University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for advice on the specific steps of starting up and running a business.

In the first meeting, SBDC counselors gave Scotta and her business partner many suggestions with regard to the procedures of starting up a business. Topics discussed in the meeting included licenses, ServSafe certification, permits, insurance, and hiring employees.

The SBDC suggested that the first crucial step in the process would be developing a viable business plan that included realistic financial projections. Scotta and her business partner were given guidance on writing a business plan and how to come up with the financial projections.

Soon after the business plan critique from the SBDC counselors, Scotta started making renovations to the store, working on a marketing plan, setting up financial books, and researching equipment. Part of her marketing strategy was an invitation-only week where she prepared foods for select individuals, invited them to the store and gathered customer comments and feedback on the food and atmosphere.

Pronto! Provisions with Passion opened as a 22-seat eatery in 2009.