Inn to the Seasons Specialties

Bernard Jurkowski had gone to chef school and worked at several restaurants. His wife Virginia was a self-taught cook with a talent for combining herbs and spices to produce a delicious recipe.

Their goal was to take cheese from their goats and make value-added food specialty products such as lasagna, manicotti and others. Their dream was to turn this idea into a successful business.

After moving to Canton, Pa. over a decade ago, the Jurkowskis established a farm in Bradford County raising goats.

They first came to the University of Scranton Small Business Development Centers' (SBDC) Tioga & Bradford outreach office five years ago, and were provided with all the start-up information they needed.

After doing product research and development testing, they began their farm-based food specialty business, Inn to the Seasons Specialties.

Today, Bernard and Virginia have their own certified kitchen. They milk their goats, process the cheese, and use the cheese as the foundation of many of their products including: broccoli crepes, meat or vegetable lasagna, blintzes and pierogi. They also bake muffins, breads and cheesecakes. 

The Jurkowskis have a diversified livestock farm including goats, pigs and beef. They use a USDA-certified butcher to process the meat. Their kielbasa (made from their own pork) is a favorite. They also grow their own vegetables for the recipes and make their own meat sauce. 

Their SBDC consultant has kept contact with them over the years, providing them with assistance with a variety of topics including labeling, sources of packaging materials, information on forming a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and sources of financing.