OHM Systems, Inc.

Twelve years ago, Praful Patel started OHM Systems, Inc. – a business providing innovative solutions to clients in the information technology and software engineering services. Despite his business’ general dedication, experience and skill, Patel came to the Temple University Small Business Development Center's (SBDC) Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) feeling both frustrated and overwhelmed: “I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels, going nowhere,” he stated over and over again.

After taking the advice of colleagues and peers to obtain certifications and submit several registrations, he had collected a mass of information but still lacked the necessary understanding of government processes. Faye Fitz, the Government Procurement Specialist at Temple, was able to provide Patel with the essential government marketing and research knowledge.

Fitz assisted the client in developing a Government Marketing Strategy, which helped the client navigate contract opportunities. The client also received a Government Marketing Packet, increasing his comprehension of the government processes. Moreover, the PTAC Bid Match Service sent him daily contract leads about new opportunities. Fitz also worked with the client to shape marketing materials, which ensured effective promotion and introduction of his business.

Those materials provided history and outlined the services of the business; they highlighted his government codes and certifications. In addition, the client received government marketing research material, which helped identify government agencies and prime contractors who had previously been awarded contracts. Attending trade shows and events also offered key networking opportunities vital to success in the government marketplace.

After his hard work and diligence, Patel’s business, OHM Systems, Inc. received approximately $2 million dollars in government contracts from local, state, and federal government agencies. He also received a new contract for $3 million, which began in August. In addition, Patel added 16 professionals, to his staff, who will help sustain the business’ excellent track record.

He laughs and says “Now things are beginning to happen.” He assures he has always felt a sense of confidence working with the PTAC. He praises the services of the PTAC, particularly the one-on-one assistance he continues to receive from Faye Fitz, the Temple Government Procurement Specialist. Although there have been many challenges, Fitz encourages her client to maintain diligence and perseverance because opportunities do emerge.