Munger & Associates, LLC

It is never too late for a potential entrepreneurs to take the first steps towards the realization of that old dream, and probably no one else best exemplifies this better than Peter Munger. 

At 83, Peter founded Munger and Associates, an independent business that contracts with key manufacturers to provide flooring needs to government entities, businesses, and institutions. Among his flooring capabilities include products and services for carpeting, carpet tiling, ceramic tiling, Brazilian tiling, linoleum and a variety of many other solutions.  

But, Peter was not always the business person he is today. His fearless spirit was nurtured as a member of the 30th Infantry Division that fought many a historic battle, among those the famous Battle of the Bulge – the last major incursion launched by the Germans against the Allies’ front line during WWII. Not surprisingly, Peter’s courage in confronting the “enemy” – these, that of tough competition, an unforgiving economic landscape and armed with nothing more than determination and a well-thought business plan has proved successful once again. He refuses to retire endeavoring to continue making a great contribution within the flooring industry – a place he earned a living as a Sales Executive for decades following WWII. Having witnessed three evolutions of carpet manufacturing technology – the wool generation, nylon, and now tufting – Peter possesses an eye for elegant quality, detail, and professional service. 

He first came to the Widener University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) through a referral and indicated a specific interest in learning how to market to the government in order to secure local contracts. Peter was connected with Bruce Downing, one of the SBDC's on-site consultants and a member of the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC), which specializes in assisting businesses to successfully compete in federal, state, and government contracting. Bruce assisted Peter with a variety of initial programs such as the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) registration process to learn how to gain information about government vendors, the Bid Match Program, which is the tool that helped Peter to secure some of his early contracts, as well as other useful resources, which include ORCA and GSA Advantage.    

During the time since June 2009 that Peter has worked together with PTAC and the SBDC, he has seen noteworthy improvements in his business, which not only includes the flow and size of his contracts but also the potential to expand his offering through partnership. Peter’s alliance with Smith Flooring, also a Widener SBDC client, now allows him to leverage his own marketing business to provide additional services for his customers. There is no doubt that Peter remains busy but there is every indication in sitting and hearing him speak that he loves what he is doing and would do it forever.

When asked about why he has chosen not to retire, Peter says, “One just has to stay active, if you retire, you go to seed,” and as taxing as setting up and growing a new business is, Peter still finds to the time to play golf and croquet during the week.