Griffith’s Tavern

Griffith’s Tavern is a longstanding, well respected, community landmark and gathering place, akin to being the living room of the community. Gregg and Danielle Krevetski could have left it at that and been proud. However, they wanted to address a community need by creating an adjacent convenience store and gas station that would stand on its own and be a complement to the Tavern.

Their location at the intersection of Routes 56 and 22 was ideally suited to this purpose, but the cost of development was almost a million dollars. Given the state of the economy when they started, going forward was a courageous entrepreneurial act.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (SBDC) worked with Greg Krevetski to develop a business plan for his new endavour. Specifically, the SBDC helped by identifying breakeven revenues, researching the industry, developing a business plan with financial projections, discussing various financing options, and reviewing industry rules of thumb for convenience stores operations and margins

On June 6, 2012 Krevetski’s Convenience opened after two years of raising capital, overseeing the development plans and construction, and navigating through government approvals that proved costly and time consuming. The struggle and the wait have been rewarded with a strong community response and a business volume that exceeded their initial projections.

The existing tavern was refaced in order to create a consistent look to the convenience store and the parking facilities were expanded and paved. Twenty jobs were created, as was the fulfillment of a major community need for a 24 hour convenience store and gas station. This has also generated greater exposure, visibility and sales for Griffith’s Tavern.