Mustafa Sualp, President and CEO, founded AEFIS as a start-up company in 2009, incubated within his first company Untra Corporation, the IT consulting business Sualp founded in 1999 which became 85th on the Philly100 list in 2009. With Drexel University’s School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, Sualp developed the technology/product on which AEFIS is based. The product helps universities track their goals and implement quality assessment processes for their academic programs, in order to document their success for accreditation as well as proving ROI to their stakeholders.

Current AEFIS clients include several prestigious US institutions such as Drexel University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, and University of Texas at Dallas, as well as several universities in Turkey, such as Anadolu University in Eskişehir, with 1.8 million distance education and 35,000 on-campus students who are leveraging AEFIS technology to develop effective quality assurance and improvement for their programs. As Sualp notes, "There is a revolution in the delivery of higher education and much of it is going on in countries like Turkey with tremendous economic growth and large investments into innovations to effectively educate very large young populations. We aim to capture those innovations and put them to use by institutions here in the US and abroad as useful software solutions."

Sualp worked with the Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consultants in the Fall of 2010 and Fall of 2011 to develop a competitive analysis and characterize the market opportunity. These results were important contributors to his pitch to investors, which resulted in raising $500,000 in sales expansion growth investment in May 2012. This investment has already created 6 jobs to the region, with more hiring planned for 2013.

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Mustafa Sualp, President and CEO, and Jeffrey Riedel, Vice President, Global Sales, of AEFIS, a web-based assessment management solution company that enables higher education institutions to connect assessment with teaching and learning.