Ajax Wireline Corporation

After 35 years in an industry, an individual can amass a great deal of valuable knowledge. Richard Carpenter decided to use his experience to start his own business and finally become his own boss. Carpenter has worked in various fields in the oil and gas servicing industry, with a main focus on open hole and case hole logging, or wireline services.  Logging is essentially the practice of lowering tools into the borehole of a well in order to gather and transmit data about the quality of the casing and availability of minerals.  It is a complex process, but one that Carpenter has mastered.  

With growing demand in Pennsylvania for oil and gas related industries due to Marcellus Shale, Carpenter recognized a valuable opportunity. Carpenter had all the industry connections to obtain the equipment necessary to start his business, but needed some additional financing. He turned to the Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance.

The Clarion University SBDC worked closely with Carpenter to develop a detailed business plan, including an extensive set of financial projections. The SBDC also assisted Carpenter in evaluating different financing alternatives.  This process helped Carpenter really think in depth and plan the details of his business. He said, “The business plan is a big eye opener on understanding what needs to be done to succeed.”

With a business plan in hand, Carpenter was able to approach Ajax Integrated Group, an integrated energy services and water management company, to inquire about investing in his business venture.  Impressed with the prospects of this business, Ajax gave Carpenter its support, and Carpenter's dream of his own wireline company became a reality. 

From this investment, Ajax Wireline Corporation was formed. In this new company, Carpenter is the Vice President of Wireline Operations and a partial owner. Already busy, the company has secured a location in Bradford and has obtained all the necessary equipment. Ajax Wireline Company is now in the final stages of preparation to begin operations, and will soon be able to begin servicing wells throughout the region. The company will soon be hiring an additional employee as well.

With the assistance of the Clarion University SBDC, Carpenter was able to successfully attain investor financing to start his wireline company. Carpenter said, “The process of developing a business plan is complex.  The guidance and information through the SBDC was invaluable. The SBDC is a very educational program.”

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