Ellison Nursing Group, LLC.

In 2012, Lauren Ellison (RN, CEO and Founder of Ellison Nursing Group) made investments to start two residential caregiving facilities in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. These facilities will provide short-term care for high need individuals and allow their family caregivers to get respite.

For years, Ellison has seen the need for such facilities among the families of the developmentally disabled special needs community in the Greater Philadelphia area, to whom her employees give in-home care, comfort and compassion. In 2009, she asked the Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for help in vetting her plan to provide respite for family caregivers, a residential overnight facility which could care for customers while their families took a break. She worked with her consulting team to identify what would be required in a facility, including costs and staffing. The team showed her challenges in making a temporary respite care facility financially viable; Ellison and the SBDC developed a plan to ensure that the facility would be financially viable.

Ellison invested in a facility in Bucks County and committed to rent a facility in Montgomery County. She expects to have both up and running by April 2013. Each will employ a 24/7 residential core team of 2 experienced Ellison employees, with an additional 4 employees. Lauren is investing with confidence, based on the detailed financial and operational plan she devised with her Wharton SBDC team.

Ellison has a track record of outstanding growth, having been recognized as a top regional growth company by the Philadelphia 100 three times, and nationally by the Inc. 5000 four times in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 (130% three-year growth). An essential achievement of Ellison Nursing Group has been the steady creation of new jobs. In 2008, the Group employed 60 employees, of which 43 were full-time. Currently, this business has annual sales of over $6 million and employs 175, including RNs, technicians and less skilled caregivers, who generally stay with Ellison Nursing once they are hired.