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Joe Putila is President of Gerome Manufacturing, a profitable manufacturing business in Uniontown, Fayette County that has been in business for more than 55 years. Gerome Manufacturing fabricates the most advanced and highest quality magnetic alloys available to provide efficient, high attenuation shielding for cathode ray tubes, photo multiplier tubes, transformers, and sensitive instrumentation. From large chassis fabrication to complete product line manufacturing and assembly, Gerome Manufacturing provides cost-effective production.

Approaching a pivotal time in the business with the upcoming purchase of and relocation to a new building, Putila decided to make a strategic overhaul of the company's information technology systems. Through a referal from a PREP partner, Catalyst Connection, Mr. Putila approached the University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for help.

In the summer of 2012, Putila engaged the services of the Pitt SBDC to assist in improving the company's IT systems before the move to a new manufacturing plant in 2013. The SBDC IT Consultant performed a very thorough assessment of the company's IT infrastructure, managed services providers, and enterprise resource planning software. After completing the assessment, the SBDC suggested avenues for improvement. To help Gerome Manufacturing achieve its goals, the SBDC provided referrals to vendors, coordinated meetings, developed a request for proposals, performed a cost analysis, and made final recommendations for technology solutions and partners.

With SBDC guidance, Gerome Manufacturing now has a thorough assessment of the company's IT and a plan to align it with the company's strategic objectives. With the SBDC's assistance, the company was able to replace its managed services vendor to provide better IT support, purchase a new server and all-new desktop computers with the latest operating system and office software, and choose new enterprise resource planning software to manage the company's business and manufacturing processes. With this new IT infrastructure, software, and vendor in place, the company can be more competitive in the market through reduced costs and improved efficiency, productivity, and overall effectiveness.

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