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Mandi Horn and her husband operate an organic farm in Bedford that has weekly subscribers for harvest. She wanted to transform the business to maximize the profit of the farm’s yield. She knew this would require an understanding of the value of fresh, organic ingredients and a knowledge of proper presentation in order to get the most flavor. Horn knew she would have to sell something that was not tangible by sight, as flavor is evaluated only through taste. She felt the best way to convey this message was to open a farm-to-table restaurant to introduce the value of fresh flavor on a plate. This was a starting point in a detailed vision of expanding the farm’s name and reputation in growing quality food. Horn decided that she needed additional assistance to develop a small business plan.

On November 19, 2010, the Saint Francis University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) met with Horn at its Bedford County Outreach Office to discuss the potential business. At this time, Mandi had already started working on an initial business plan and started to look at possible financing options. The SBDC explained to Horn what information they would need in order to assist her in completing the business plan and projected financial statements. The SBDC also explained to Horn that there are other sources of financing that her project would be eligible for. The goal was to assist Horn with expressing her passion into an organized, conceivable plan that was true to her vision. This was the beginning of a long journey that involved planning, financing, construction, and finally opening Horn's farm-to-table restaurant, Horn O Plenty.

The SBDC assisted Horn in preparing a business plan, three-year projected income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and a detailed narrative explaining how she arrived at the projected figures. The process of constructing the business plan helped Horn develop a clear concept of how the business would actually function, and provided her with the confidence to see the plan through. Horn stated that “without the SBDC’s no-charge assistance, consultations and generous support, I’m sure that Horn O Plenty would not exist.” Upon completion of her business plan and projected financial statements, she approached a lender.

Horn informed the SBDC that the financing for her project was approved. Horn received $300,000 from the Progress Fund and invested $20,000 herself. She is now the owner of the business and has nine employees. The project involved purchasing an old farmhouse, which Horn and her father converted into a fully functioning restaurant in eight months. Since the doors opened in May 2012, Horn has been busy orchestrating and maintaining the business, which has been voted the Number One Place to Eat in Bedford County.  It has also been recognized for its fresh ingredients on the BBCA television program Chef’s Race.  The next phase of her project is to open an on-site farmer’s market to continually attract more patrons.

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