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EunJin Newkirk and her husband, Jason, are beekeepers. They moved to Scranton, PA from Iowa in 2011. They maintain over 100 active hives and produce honey-based products such as lip balm, hand balm, foot balm, candles, soaps, and honey.

The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center met with Newkirk to discuss the basics of starting a business in Pennsylvania. They discussed the financing of her business and the SBDC helped calculate preliminary financial projections. The SBDC directed Newkirk to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in order to obtain licensing as a food producer for her honey products. When the client needed clarification about extending credit to commercial accounts, the SBDC provided answers and examples on acceptable payments from commercial accounts.

Ms. Newkirk was trained in graphic art in her native South Korea. She designs her own labels for Newkirk Honey. The SBDC proofread the copy on all her product labels and assisted her in making them more user-friendly.

The SBDC provided Newkirk with the contact for a local bee keeping association, as well as a national organization. She wanted to target health food stores and gift shops in the greater Philadelphia and Pittsburgh area, so the SBDC helped research the county library's databases and prepared a list of contacts for all the health food stores and gift shops in the two metropolitan areas. Newkirk Honey also wanted to focus on the local market, so the SBDC also provided a list of local fairs, festivals, shops, and grocery stores that could be targeted in the company's marketing efforts. Newkirk also sells some of her product line on

Newkirk Honey's processing room is almost complete. The company is now selling its products in several local shops, and is in the process of getting licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for honey products. The quality of honey was very good this year, and the Newkirks hope to sell in Gerrity's Supermarkets in the near future.

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