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Red Bandana Winery opened in May 2012, having been in the making for the past two years. Its owner, Kathleen Hall, conceptualized the project after moving to the region with her husband. Hall is an artist by trade and wished to utilize her talents for the good and growth of her new community. Her gifted artistry and desire to open a winery seemed to create some cosmic force that successfully resulted in Red Bandana Winery. The winery is an all-around fun place to be, given the fact the wine is excellent. It is situated on property that epitomizes the natural flair of the region, and the building was constructed to ensure the landscape was not disturbed and to enhance the views from the decks.

The décor of the winery invites the visitor to relax and enjoy. Once seated, the customer’s eye wanders to the magnificent paintings on the walls, the comfortable setting, the effective mix of rugged and elegance, and, of course, the personality of its owner. Hall exudes happiness, camaraderie, and pride, and it’s easy to get caught up in her laughter.

Opening was no easy feat, as Hall had to deal with architects and contractors, overseeing the construction, obtaining occupancy permits, applying to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and procuring her liquor license. She sought and engaged vendors for her business. She also secured over $100,000 in financing to achieve her goal. She formed partnerships with the Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Progress Fund, economic development groups, and the PA WILDS.

Hall works the business full-time and her husband helps on the weekends. Her network of extended family, including her mother, nieces, and mother-in-law, chips in as well. Additionally, Hall has hired individuals from the local region to help with the bar area, tables and cash register.

Hall is a gifted and talented person, bringing the arts to the country via her winery. She is an asset to the community and the PA WILDS.

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