AAA School of Trucking

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AAA School of Trucking is a family owned and operated trade school providing training and testing for truck drivers leading to the Commercial Driver’s License. It was founded in 1997 and has training locations in Philadelphia, PA and Harrisburg, PA, and sends trainers to locations nationwide. The team of driving instructors is made up of professionals who each have over 20 years of driving experience and are certified state CDL examiners. AAA School has a long history of serving individuals, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and private sector corporations with large and small contracts.

Government Contracting Adding government marketing to the company’s efforts has been very rewarding. Two contracts with the U.S. Coast Guard involve training active duty military members in CDL, forklift, mobile crane, and other equipment. As a company specializing in military training, AAA School has instructors with 20 or more years of industry experience, many of whom are military veterans themselves. Furthermore the company has worked with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and other government agencies.

Serving Veterans According to AAA School co-owner Emily Soloby, “One of our greatest interests at AAA School of Trucking is to serve veterans. We appreciate how much they have given to our country and we want to help them get back into the workforce on their transition into civilian life. The trucking industry is ideal for many veterans because of the huge demand for drivers. It has only been recently that the G.I. Bill was expanded to include funding for truck driving schools. AAA School of Trucking is approved to accept the G.I. Bill, which covers full tuition as well as housing, books and other extras. We have several Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs Certifying Officials at our school who are able to assist students in applying for and using their benefits.”

AAA School of Trucking participates in outreach to Veterans, including the recent Pennsylvania Women Veterans Symposium in Gettysburg, PA. AAA School of Trucking CDL Instructor Melanie Cantu represented the school.

“The women veterans were very interested in the fact that the trucking industry members opened their arms and invited ladies from all walks of life to train for the trade of professional truck driver—a field that has been historically dominated by men,” said Instructor Cantu, a former 92A20 Automated Logistical Specialist and Battalion Master Driver in the U.S. Army.

How Widener University SBDC Has Helped AAA School of Trucking: “The Widener SBDC/PTAC representative has given us valuable professional advice and assistance at many stages of the federal procurement process, from providing feedback on our RFP responses to helping us learn how to navigate the Federal Procurement Data System,” stated Ms. Soloby. “The Bidmatch service has also been instrumental in notifying us of potential opportunities.”