Jacobson Strategic Communications

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Susan Jacobson has created one of the region’s leading Communications firm and over 30 jobs since she started Jacobson Strategic Communications in 2010. She counts among her clients: the University of Pennsylvania, the Eagles, and Clear Channel. Her business continues to grow at over 50% annually.
David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President of Comcast says, “Sue Jacobson possesses sound judgment. In my view, good judgment, like inherent athletic ability, cannot be taught. People have it or they don’t have it and she just has great judgment."
Jacobson began with substantial experience in both private and public sector leadership roles. She also had a vision for a communications firm that provided the highest quality of creative, strategic and tactical service.
As she was turning that vision into a successful business, she turned for advice from Suzy and Jack Welch – professional and personal friends – and to the Wharton Small Business Development Center (SBDC).
Jacobson says, “Wharton SBDC’s Director is one of my top advisors. She helped me develop and execute my business model.”
Through consultation with the Wharton SBDC, she developed her firm’s positioning in the market, criteria by which she would pursue and select clients. She also worked carefully to develop a team that matched the capabilities of highly skilled professionals with the growing needs of Jacobson’s clients. Jacobson’s business model, team, and services are entirely new in the industry. Jacobson takes pride in providing both strategic and tactical services at the highest level of responsiveness and quality, which she says is unlike most communications firms.