H & W Global Industries

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H & W Global brought a heightened environmental consciousness with it when it moved its production from a space near Pittsburgh to a location in Indiana in 2005. The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (SBDC) along with the Indiana County Development Corporation (ICDC) helped the company establish suitable production facilities. As a family-owned business the Habets wanted to establish a more efficient production facility closer to their home base in Indiana County.

Of Belgian descent, J.P. Habets grew up in the Belgian Congo and moved to America in 1968. He obtained an engineering degree from the University of Tulsa and went to work for Alcoa. There, he further developed his expertise in industrial coatings.  He opened H & W Global in 2002.

Many of the metal coatings H & W undertake provide higher performance characteristics and are in demand for military and aerospace applications.

Historically, industrial coatings were done using environmentally hazardous materials. H & W Global uses a more modern approach and utilizes processes that are not only safe but also undertaken in a pristine environment.

Initially, the company was renting space from the ICDC, but outgrew that space. They were able to purchase a building and site in the Corporate Campus, a business park at the intersection of Routes 22 & 119. This move provided the space needed for expansion, but also added debt, just prior to an economic downturn in part due to a downsizing of military budgets.  

Assistance by the Center and Other Agencies
1. When the company first came to town, they were referred to the SBDC by the county, where they received aid in completing their business plan and obtaining financing through the economic development oriented loan programs.
2. Additionally, the SBDC helped through its Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) to identify any potential environmental risks, mitigate said risks, and assure compliance with environmental regulations.
3. More recently, the SBDC worked with them to create a team-building process in order to increase efficiency.

Impact and Results
1. The company has grown dramatically since when they first arrived and employed only three people. They now have thiery-one employees, which is up significantly due to expanding the certifications they hold, diversifying their customer base, and an improved economy
2. Sales are up significantly which allowed them to hire ten more people in the last year.
3. The family has taken on leadership roles in the community and is active in the Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium and on the Challenger Learning Center/SciFi STEM Institute project, an effort to establish not only the 1st Challenger Center in Pennsylvania, but a STEM Institute as well.