Peiffer Machine Services

Kelly Ressler began her working career as an elementary school teacher in Pennsylvania. The New Holland native did not consider joining the family business in Mount Aetna until years later, after marrying, having two children, and working in sales for another company for almost a decade. Through the years, she and her father, James L. Ressler, frequently had lunch together on Sundays after attending church. At one of those lunches in 2006, Jim asked if she would be interested in working for him at his business, Peiffer Machine Services. Kelly recalls, “I wondered if he was crazy because I knew nothing about Machine Tool Servicing and understood very little about the manufacturing industry. My dad told me, 'No worries. I'll teach you, and besides, I want to spend more time fishing soon!' So in May of 2006, I joined the Peiffer team as sales manager. Two years later, I became general manager, then VP, and in late January of 2014, I purchased the business and became president and owner.”

With past experience in government contracted work, Kelly and her sales team wanted to identify more federal selling opportunities for Peiffer Machine Services. In June of 2014, Kelly had a sales meeting with a small business consultant at the Letterkenny Army Depot. This was the first person to advise the company not to pay for government marketing assistance. The Letterkenny consultant stressed that Pennsylvania offers many great programs to aid business owners in understanding the government selling process. 

From that advice, Kelly did some online research and discovered that the Kutztown Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offered free procurement training and bidmatch services. Kelly met with her procurement and SBDC consultant for the first time in July, and quickly followed the steps needed to sell to the federal government. Peiffer Machine was awarded a significant government preventive maintenance contract in September of 2014, and with her SBDC consultant's guidance, the company is now well positioned to earn additional government contracts in the future.