Salisbury Hometown Pizza

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Penny Baker and Kandy Patton put their idea of starting a pizza shop into action. The sisters first approached the St. Francis University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in September of 2013 with their idea to start a pizza parlor in their hometown. Penny and Kandy had always been food savvy and had the dream of opening their own pizza, sub, and bakery shop in the community. They started to evaluate the startup and review the vast amounts of information and decided that they needed help.

After attending a Pre-Business Planning seminar and approaching the local bank, it was recommended they work with the SBDC. They met one-on-one with an SBDC consultant who assisted them in evaluating and reviewing the business opportunity. After meeting with the consultant and word getting around town that the sisters were looking to start a shop, the sisters were approached with the opportunity to purchase the existing Salisbury Hometown Pizza shop, an established business with an established customer base. The sisters visited the business and obtained the necessary information to evaluate this opportunity. They provided the information to the SBDC consultant who then reviewed the financials with the sisters and pointed out important information in the financials to them. They decided that this would definitely work into their plan for owning their own business.

The SBDC assisted Penny and Kandy in preparing a business plan, three-year projected income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and a detailed narrative explaining how they had arrived at the projected figures. The assistance also included discussions on startup, sales tax, local permits, and registration with the State of Pennyslvania. In the months that followed, they worked on developing a plan that they would use to obtain the necessary suppliers, equipment, and image necessary to draw additional clientele to their business. As part of the work, the SBDC discussed potential financing options as well as other related items. Upon completion of the business plan and projected financial statements, Kandy approached a local bank.

In late July of 2014, Kandy informed the Center that the bank had approved her loan request. They received the needed funds from Somerset Trust and Somerset County Economic Development Council (SCEDC). Their total project cost of $150,000.00 was approved, providing the necessary funding to fulfill their dream of making their own dough and profit. 

Salisbury Hometown Pizza is now serving specialty pizza dough, salads, soups and sandwiches. The sisters have not only fulfilled their dream of owning a pizza shop but also of providing the community patrons with a hometown meeting place.