Talluto’s Authentic Italian Food

At an awards ceremony held on April 30, 2015, Talluto’s Authentic Italian Foods, Inc. was recognized as the Small Business Administration’s “Family Owned Business of the Year for 2015” for the Eastern Pennsylvania District.

In 1967, Joseph Talluto sold his family’s home in Southwest Philadelphia for $7,500 to purchase a $7,400 ravioli machine and moved his family of six into a building he owned “around the corner.” Joe was sixty years old, and at a time when most men his age were preparing for retirement, he was committed to pursuing his longtime dream, both personally and financially.

Today, Joe’s son and grandchildren operate a multimillion-dollar, award-winning (seven-time winner of “Best in Philly”) business, Talluto’s Authentic Italian Food, Inc. (TAIF) that manufactures and markets nearly ninety varieties of pasta, sauces, and other food products in their 50,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Folcroft, Pennsylvania with fifty-five full-time and four part-time employees. Customers include regional and national food service companies, retail grocery stores, delis, specialty food stores, restaurants, and other food manufacturers. Actively involved in the senior management of the business are Joseph A.M. Talluto (President and CEO), his son (Joseph F. Talluto, Vice President), and his daughters (Angel Storti, Finance and Human Resources, and Joanne Brown, Retail, Production, and Administration).

“For years my father spoke of one day opening his own ravioli store. In fact, it was often considered a joke around the house. I’m not sure anyone, but he, knew how serious a dream this was... until the day he set forth to pursue it,” Joseph A.M. Talluto said. “My father was a man of many words: very strict and very head-strong. I remember telling my father that he should really consider taking on less responsibility, not more. But he was convinced that ‘now is the time’ and would not stray. My father’s dream continues indefinitely as friends and neighbors enter a Talluto’s store to find nearly ninety varieties of pasta, fresh mozzarella cheese made daily, and many complementary Italian cuisine… all still served by Joe’s friends and family!”

In receiving the award, his son, Joseph F. Talluto said “we are both honored and humbled to be recognized as 2015's Family-Owned Small Business of the Year. Tough economic times have recently tested the strength of our company, and to receive this award is not only testimony to the hard work and resolve of our staff, but also the support we received from the Widener Small Business Development Center, DNB First Bank, and the Small Business Administration.”

“I was honored to have the opportunity to nominate Talluto's Authentic Italian Foods, Inc. for SBA’s Family-Owned Small Business award. I have known and worked with the Talluto family for over six years and find the family and their business to be a role model of American entrepreneurship and integrity as well as an inspiration to the community and their network of customers, suppliers and business partners,” said James Porter, who nominated Talluto’s for the award. “The family has struggled through difficult financial and economic conditions and came out on top in a situation where others would have given up. In the process, they demonstrated staying power, grew sales, expanded employment, improved profitability, and continued a family tradition that never compromises on quality, safety, or integrity.”