Solid Ground Services, Inc.

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 “Providing solid ground for employees and customers” is their motto… hard work and experience is its start and success. Offering excavation and heavy equipment services in commercial, residential, agricultural, and oilfield operations, Solid Ground Services, Inc., under the watchful eye of Krystle and Kyle Bristol, can easily serve customers with a variety of needs.

In the Fall of 2014, the business consultant met with Krystle, who already had begun the business plan, but was considering two different business directions. Obviously well-prepared with experience, Krystle and her SBDC consultant worked to format the plan for use in two forms: a comprehensive working document where factors like unit costs, billable/non-billable hours, fuel, licensing and others could be closely monitored for productivity, profit, and direction. The software program utilized offered thorough features, but a good deal of customizing was required. The second use of the plan which was worked on was to scale the plan to a ‘bankable’ document Krystle could take to her local bank. Over a few appointments and email work, questions were addressed, such as ratios and goals, and the plan was readied.

Contact was made by client with local PREP partner, NTRPDC Loan Program, and the decision for two financing pieces was made. By December, the business submitted a loan application to their two prospective funders. The business was actively bidding on jobs and approved for their financing (over $400,000) at the start of the  new year!

As an additional benefit to the client, a referral was made by their SBDC Consultant to Northern Tier PREP and PTAC partner, NTRPDC Procurement Technical Assistance Program, so that Krystle would have more access to bidding on contractual work. The business has received its official Woman Owned Small Business (WSOM) designation.

Today, the business is growing, maintaining active jobs (7 full time, 1 part time), worksites that are safe and solid, and a community-minded, dedicated ownership in the Northern Tier region. The business features themselves on various social media platforms and on their website, and was the University of Scranton SBDC’s Bradford county feature for the SBDC’s Center Anniversary video.