Doc G’s Brewing Co. is Bringing Brewing Back to DuBois

For the last 15 years Jeff Gilbert has dreamt about bringing brewing back to the greater DuBois area. "I've talked about this for about 15 years and my wife, Jen, finally said you know, you just turned 40 and you're gonna blink your eye again and you're gonna turn 80, and your life's not gonna be complete until you get this done!" says Gilbert.

Gilbert says he wants to mirror the success of other microbreweries he's visited. By doing so, Doc G’s Brewing Co. will brew beer for sale at the brewery as well as for distribution initially throughout Pennsylvania. The brewery will also be an American restaurant and bar.

Gilbert, 40, is a cardiologist, and his wife, Jennifer, is an anesthesiologist in State College at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Gilbert grew up in DuBois and is also the mayor's son.

"Whenever we go on vacation, we always go to the local brewery. We seek them out and they always have great food, great atmosphere, and great beer, and they become tourist destinations," says Gilbert.

Doc G’s Brewing Co. received and personally contributed more than $2,000,000 to bring a dream to reality. Funds were obtained from S&T Bank, the City Redevelopment Authority, a local Revolving Loan Fund through a DuBois-Sandy-Falls Creek Enterprise Zone, and the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.

The Gilberts were referred to the Clarion University Small Business Development Center by S&T Bank in DuBois, Pennsylvania. The SBDC began working with Jeff at the beginning of March 2015 by reviewing and editing a business plan and financial projections for this project, which was completed at the end of April 2015. The Gilberts then submitted it to S&T Bank and the other lending agencies who promptly approved the financing for this project.

Renovations of the building began shortly thereafter while the brewery equipment was ordered. After several delays in the brewery tank delivery the brewery finally held its grand opening on December 30, 2015.

Since bringing brewing back to DuBois, Doc G’s Brewing Co. has hired more than 30 employees.