G&S Fasteners: Fastener Company Makes the Connection

In 2015, G&S Fasteners, a company serving the industrial, building and trades markets with fasteners and tools, decided it was time to look at government sales. With over 35 years of experience, they had the knowledge and determination to enter this market; after all, they decided, some of the products they sold to competitors were being resold to government entities anyway.

Initially G&S wanted to focus on obtaining a GSA schedule contract. It quickly became apparent to us that the firm had too many SKU’s and too few resources to make that feasible. They agreed.

They also wanted to look at our Bid Match program but again, given the huge breadth of their product line, the typical sale value and effort/reward needed, that was not sensible either. Bid Match would flood them with lots of potential business but not a lot of direct sales. They agreed.

After further analysis and discussion, our PTAC advised G&S that their best opportunities would be found through the Defense Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS).

With that decision made, Lehigh University SBDC helped the client prepare for government contract-ing. We started by evaluating their computer system against government requirements/demands, knowing their may be issues that would slow order processing. We then helped them understand NSN’s (National Stocking Numbers), material specifications and assisted them with obtaining certification for many of their SKU’s. As a final step, we helped them register and set-up their vendor account in SAM (System for Award Management) and their payment systems in WAMF (Wide Area Work Flow).

Once qualified, G&S set-up automatic bid notifications on a large numbers of NSN’s in DIBBS. Operationally, the NSN’s were linked to G&S’s SKU’s in their computer system, making the bid process quick and efficient.

It was not long before requests came in and they started bidding and winning orders. G&S quickly won 4 awards and then stepped back from bidding recognizing the short-comings of their operations. The firm knew they needed to significantly upgrade their computer software. That effort is now complete and the firm is eager to begin bidding again. They believe that they can cost effectively win many more awards going for-ward. G&S goal is to develop government sales to a financial impact significant enough to dedicate a full time staff member to the pursuit of that business.

As a result of our assistance, our client has a new large business opportunity and the government has a new vendor to compete for its business.