AC Power Tech

Jeremy Wallace is an entrepreneur who after working for Fortune 500 companies, decided to apply his business expertise to his family business, a manufacturer of high electric power systems for underground mines. He figured the company is an expert in its field. There are only 4 companies of its kind left in the U.S. and the firm gets inquiries from all over the U.S.

Since the U.S. mining sector business is slow, they decided to look at overseas markets. First, they approached the Duquesne University SBDC Global Business Program to participate in a Catalogue show at the Conexpo Show in Chile in October 2015. After that, the company decided to join the Duquesne University SBDC and participate, as an exhibitor, in the IMPACT booth at the Expomin show in Chile in April 2016.

The company translated its materials into Spanish, prepared equipment to demonstrate at the show in Chile, engaged with local consultants who arranged private business meetings with local companies and had the chance to meet many interested parties. The company received the GAP grant from the State of Pennsylvania to offset the costs of the trip.

Now the company is entertaining many sales rep potential agreements as a result of participating in the shows and doing follow up messages to all the contacts they made in Chile. The company expects to increase sales by at least 1% and is looking forward to more such trips to Latin America where the mining market is booming.

Alex Cerretti and Jeremy Wallace from AC Power Tech exhibiting at the Expomin show in Chile. This picture shows a meeting with a sales representative from Peru, Ms. Margarita Rojas.