Your Full Service Collision Repair–Hometown Collision

Matthew Rosmus has been involved in collision repair service in various aspects of the business for the past 15 years. Rosmus has worked at different types of  auto body shops from major local competitors to classic car restoration and small shop operation.  He finally decided with the help  and support of his wife Adrienne to strike out on his own and pursue his dream of owning his own shop,  
Rosmus and Adrienne approached their local bank and were told they would need a written business proposal to secure the financing to start the business.  At that point they felt as though they had hit their first hurdle.  Fortunately the bank suggested that they contact St. Francis University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC).   
Adrienne contacted the SBDC and a consultant met with the couple to discuss their idea.  At the time they had started to work on the business proposal.  The consultant explained the planning process and provided them with planning materials to assist them in obtaining all the necessary information to develop the business plan and the financial statements.  The consultant also explained that there may be alternative financing they could access to help fund the business start up.   
The SBDC assisted the Rosmus in evaluating the start up of the business and the development of the business proposal, three year projected income statement, monthly cash flow, balance sheet, sources and uses of the funds along with a detailed narrative explaining the projected financial figures.  Upon completion of the business proposal and projected financial statements they approached the bank and Johnstown Area Regional Industries (JARI) to secure the financing for the business.   
In April, 2016, Adrienne informed the SBDC that the financing for their project was approved by the bank and also JARI.  The local bank provided $37,500.00 and JARI provided the additional $37,500.00 needed to completed the deal. 
With the financing in place Rosmus signed the lease and started ordering the necessary equipment and setting up the shop. Adrienne and Rosmus have been active in networking with the insurance companies and other community businesses to make the necessary connections and to promote Hometown Collision