From “This Old House” to ‘Desert Wind’ Air Dynamics leads the pack with Innovation and Technology

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, Daniel Lehman never imagined how Bob Vila would be the inspiration for a business endeavor. Inspired after watching an episode of “This Old House” Lehman installed a centralized home-vacuum system into his own home, which led him to take that project and turn it into a family business.  
While in the Air Force Lehman worked on aircraft navigation systems and took his experience after leaving the military and worked as a computer engineer. Sometime in the late 1980’s Lehman realized that technology was rapidly evolving making it necessary to look for new innovative ways of approaching technology and how we use it for every day.
Air Dynamics started as a residential vacuum system which quickly made the leap into the commercial systems after installing a system for Harley-Davidson’s paint facility. Nearly 25 years later Air Dynamics manufactures a range of industrial products such as vacuums, dust-collection systems, pneumatic conveying and kitchen hoods designed to capture grease vapors.  
After 8 years in the family business designing and installing custom equipment he invented a process that utilized all of his knowledge in fluid dynamics, particle filtration and electrical automation to develop a system for the military. The Desert Wind system provides a controlled and measured process simulating a desert environment. In 2010 the first Desert Wind system was delivered, since then they have continued to refine production and to date have produced 7 Desert Wind Systems for use by the Navy, Army and multiple aerospace companies in the US and Canada.  
Referred to the Kutztown University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) by the International Trade Administration, after receiving an overwhelming Request for Proposal from the US Government, Aaron Lehman attended the "How to Respond to a Government Request for Proposal (RFP)" workshop provided by the SBDC. “The workshop gave us basic tools and information we needed to sit down and focus on writing a proposal. This was a new process for us and hearing from other people that had been successful with government RFPs removed some skepticism about winning a contract,” said Aaron.   
Faced with a small space and rather larger than life simulators, Air Dynamics was in need of new space. In 2011 production was relocated into a space adjacent to York County Economic Alliance.    
The ‘Desert Wind’ technology enabled Air Dynamics to expand their production from 5 employees to 11 and required a much larger line of credit to maintain production of each unit. Faced with large costly projects that had long lead times Air Dynamics found a good fit with Adams County National Bank who was able to provide a line of credit nearly 3 times larger than what they previously had.  
“Government contracts doubled our sales last year.”  says client Aaron Lehman.