All Fitness Events: Ultra Marathoner Builds Race Event Management Company with Over 60,000 Runners Nationwide

Kathleen Titus runs ultramarathons, which technically means more than a marathon (26.2 miles) but literally foot races up to and over 1,000 miles. Titus took the marathon approach to business planning at the Wharton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) by taking Strategic Business Planning twice (since one marathon wasn’t enough) as well as all of the other startup workshops. Originally, she planned to open a running and yoga super store, but concluded after the planning process that she wouldn’t be happy running around a retail store every day.

Therefore, after five years of planning, she launched RunOga in 2014 to manage running races for running event owners. Today her firm operates as All Fitness Events, which is a full service fitness event management and marketing firm. They design unique running events from start to finish as well as assist with maximizing the number of runners participating through marketing.

All Fitness Events now employs over 5 part time employees. They are on track to having served over 100,000 runners collectively by the end of 2016.

“You can’t be afraid to pivot,” advises Titus. “Be patient, define yourself and keep narrowing your customer audience including ‘niching down’ to attract more clients.” By niching down, she teaches us that targeting a smaller group of customers actually helps a small business to serve their customers better.

Titus has found her personal niche in business. She finally matched her life passion with her work as an entrepreneur. Her successful journey reminds us that finding your match with your life’s interests and your business is a marathon, not a sprint.