Elite Combative Systems, LLC

Background – The Challenge
Brian Backus and Paul Tost both served in the U.S. Marines where they picked up and honed their love of the Martial Arts. Their passion for the sport is reflected in their continued training and advancing of their skills after leaving the Marine Corps.
Both Backus and Tost’s experience has taught them that the martial arts not only help in the development of self-confidence, but also can be an excellent path to the development of character. They founded this business in Indiana County, where they grew up in 2014 based upon their shared passion and a desire to impact the lives of people in the community.
Their passion for the sport shows in every class they teach. That passion is, in part, based upon their belief and philosophy that through combat sports one must and will develop self-discipline through a greater sense of emotion recognition. They make everyone feel as though they belong and that everyone improves together, as a big family. The classes are for every level, beginner to more advanced students. They are strong advocates on anti-bullying and self-defense strategies for all ages.
The Problem
As a new business entering a market with existing competition it can be challenging to gain recognition and establish in the public’s mind how you are differentiated.
SBDC efforts were centered on creating a strategic marketing plan, steps in this process included market study and a set of recommendations especially regarding utilizing various social media platforms.
The clients, busy building their business, are implementing some of the recommendations as they have time to enhance their social media presence. The business is growing and they are planning a future move to a larger location.