Energy Rehab Wellness and Training Is “Well” on Its Way to Success

Renee Frank, Doctor of Physical Therapy and co-founder of Energy Rehab Wellness and Training, first came to the Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in 2013 for help starting a mobile, home-based physical therapy practice. She and her husband, also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, hoped that, over a number of years, they could grow the business to the point that they could both leave their present employment and work for the new company.

After she attended the First Step of Starting a Business seminar, the Penn State SBDC helped Dr. Frank create financial projections that mapped out the company’s cash flow, taking into account the extended payment terms used by many health insurance providers, and to firm up the founder’s business plan. From there, the company was able to secure a line of credit to fund start-up and initial operations when the company launched in January of 2015 with Dr. Frank as the sole initial employee.

The company grew quickly over the coming months, though, thanks to its therapists’ outstanding care and the unique home-based service model, and by the end of 2016 the company employed four full-time and three parttime therapists, as well as an office manager.

The company has enjoyed great success, both from a business perspective as well as from a patient-outcome perspective, thanks to the therapists’ mobility and ability to visit patients at a convenient location–whether that is their home, school or place of work. Dr. Frank points out that many physical therapy patients are recovering from surgery and may not be able to drive, which makes it very difficult for some to follow through with their doctor’s recommendations for rehabilitation. This has made therapy more accessible to those who need it most.

The company has stayed in touch with the Penn State SBDC for help with various business growth and management issues over the years. In 2014, the SBDC was able to help Energy access no-cost student help to construct their website, and their consultant has always been there to help answer questions and help the company ensure they remain compliant with state licensure and federal workplace regulations. Next up for Energy will be the expansion of their mobile, home-based business model into personal training services, and the Penn State SBDC will be there every step of the way. This publication is available in alternative media on request. Penn State is an equal