In the Zone: Spa & Salon Blossoms into Second Location

Tanya Chaney’s newest entrepreneurial venture, In The Zone, is now open in Upper St. Clair. As a successful entrepreneur, operating Chaney’s Natural Health and Wellness for over 10 years, Chaney’s Natural fulfills a vital community need in historic Monongahela.  It began as a home-based salon service which expanded services and products to include massage therapy, facial care, skincare, waxing and spa therapies to provide healthier lifestyle options including the highest quality supplements and services that promote wellbeing and quality of life.  As a single owner with no partners, Tanya is responsible for the successful marketing and financial oversight which has afforded her the opportunity to earn and save enough capital to purchase and take a shot at number 2, her newest spa, In The Zone, which will be heavily focused on an additional source of revenue by expanding her nutrient supplement product line while upholding her prestigious reputation for spa and wellness services.  
The Spa and Wellness industry is a moderately competitive market that relies on a consistent client base. Just like many service based industries, one of In The Zone’s most challenging obstacles will be acquiring and retaining clientele. The 80-20 rule, essential to business plans, states that 80 percent of a business’s revenue comes from 20 percent of the businesses customers. Because client satisfaction is the most important goal to Tanya, she will depend on attracting and retaining clientele by training her team to deliver the highest quality of service to each and every client. Tanya’s new startup is also focused on offering the correct variety of products and services that will meet the client’s needs. Tanya has set continuing education as a priority in knowledge of vitamins and wellness products and will be spending time at conferences and training her team.   
The University of Pittsburgh SBDC (SBDC) has assisted Tanya with her entrepreneurial success, Chaney’s Natural and In The Zone, through consulting services that assist with applying for local business loans, marketing resources and the operation of businesses. The SBDC assisted her with applying for a local business plan competition known as SMAART resulting in $10,000 she used towards her business growth.   
Chaney’s Natural has seen an exponential increase in profitability from 2014-2015 with average revenue increases of 5-10% each year, resulting in net profits over 100%, and job creating of 6 while In The Zone will be creating 5-6 more.  
Through Tanya’s hands-on-experience with small business development and entrepreneurship, the SBDC is excited to see the positive outcomes at Tanya’s new location, In the Zone. The SBDC has met with Tanya on many different occasions discussing industry reports, applying for business competitions, and analyzing different market strategies to secure future business growth.