Hörmann Flexon LLC

Two years ago, the Hörmann Group acquired the business operations of Flexon, Inc. A worldwide leader in door safety and technology, Hörmann is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial doors and openers as well as loading dock equipment outside the United States .

The company was renamed Hörmann Flexon LLC, while manufacturing continues in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, with the ability to provide dealers and customers with a broader range of products.

Hörmann Flexon specializes in manufacturing high performance doors. Products include: high speed, high performance roll-up doors, impact doors, and loading dock equipment, as well as insect control barrier screen doors. These products are ideal for applications in industrial and commercial facilities such as warehouses, food processing and storage facilities, and distribution centers.

With the bulk of their business coming from domestic sales, the company wanted to expand into new markets. They needed clear information about how to export and the steps to do that in compliance with U.S. export regulations. The compnay also required insight into the creation of a smooth, international logistical operation that would minimize their time, allowing them to focus on developing new projects.

Carlos Turcios, International Sales Manager, approached the Global Business Program at the Duquesne University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), expressing this need to increase export sales. Specifically, he asked for information on the food industry in Mexico, and a research on Chile and Peru. He wanted to see ways to improve his entry strategies. Carlos also attended some training seminars at the SBDC and received SBDC consulting on how to enhance and increase export sales.
As a result of the information and contacts given to Hörmann Flexon, and market research on Mexico, Chile and Peru, export sales gained momentum.

Hörmann Flexon looked to update its facilities and supply all control boxes with high performance doors now come programmed in five languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.  This is another clear example of Hörmann Flexon’s commitment to international business.