Nature Soy, Inc.

Groups like the Small Business Development Centers are key to creating a business-friendly environment and helping small business thrive, Dr. Gene He of Nature Soy, Inc., testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Commerce Committee in May 2010.

The committee held the fifth of a series of public hearings on economic development and job creation at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Led by Chairman Peter J. Daley (D-49) and Rep. Curtis Thomas, (D-181), the committee sought recommendations on how Pennsylvania can improve its economic environment to be more competitive with other states.

“The economy grows when entrepreneurs and existing businesses recognize new opportunities and markets and capitalize on such opportunities to generate revenue and ultimately build wealth,” Eustace Kangaju, Director of the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), offered.

Nature Soy grew to become one of the largest tofu manufacturers in the country. The Temple University SBDC assisted the company with market research, new product development, packaging design, due diligence on potential foreign partners, hiring staff and loan applications.

Dr. He utilized the public forum to recognize the SBDC’s contributions and voice frustrations with logistical barriers and “unnecessary hassles” that elected offices may help alleviate. In particular, he cited a delayed expansion that resulted in loss of opportunities and market share, as well as jobs.