GRD Transport, LLC

Ron and Dawn Ghiardi started GRD Transport in May 2010 to provide “hot shot” transport/delivery services to Marcellus Shale companies. “Hot shot” services mean 24-7, on-demand, immediate response pick-up and delivery services.

While making deliveries, Ron noticed a problem his clients were having. Trucks would bring in equipment and supplies, then would have to wait, often hours, for a crane to be available to lift the equipment and supplies out of the truck and place them where needed on site.

Ron approached the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for help in seeking financing to purchase a crane truck that could both transport, lift and place equipment and supplies once on site. Ron and the IUP SBDC staff spent hours reviewing his existing financial results, and creating and going through many iterations of a business plan for presentation for financing. The SBDC also helped by analyzing the existing financials, identifying breakeven revenues, researching the industry, developing a business plan with financial projections and discussing various financing options.

Ron received loan offers from two of the three banks he approached, allowing him to choose the most favorable offer and purchase the truck in April 2012. When Ron started GRD in 2010 he had only one vehicle and was the only driver. A little over 24 months later, he has four vehicles and employs three additional drivers.

In the company’s first two months with the new truck, revenues rose over 30%, with plenty of room to grow, as clients are just starting to be aware of Ron’s dual transport and crane service. Even with talks of an industry slow down, Ron has been able to grow by identifying and addressing client needs and garnering a reputation for reliable, responsive service.