Wash Cycle Laundry

Founded in 2010 by Gabriel Mandujano, Wash Cycle Laundry, is a sustainable laundry business using eco-friendly detergents and energy-efficient machines, and delivers via bicycle. Wash Cycle provides laundry wash services and linen rentals to residential homes and businesses, including restaurants and gyms in the Philadelphia area. From receiving a Sean “Diddy” Comb’s 100 Urban Entrepreneurs’ start-up grant and acceptance into the foundation’s one-on-one mentorship program, to being recognized in Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2012 issue, Wash Cycle Laundry has proven that it does pay to go green.

Contrary to what one might think, cleaning clothes can be dirty business between all the detergents, water, and energy involved. That's why Wash Cycle uses locally-made, hypoallergenic, natural Sun and Earth brand detergents, high-efficiency machines, and a whole lot of care to keep everything squeaky clean. Then, they carefully fold everything and return it in one of their snazzy green bags.

Some think that the bike trailers are "cute." While Wash Cycle loves the compliments, they don’t feel "cute" is quite the right word for the rigs that have hauled a million pounds of cargo through three Philadelphia winters, with just about zero greenhouse emissions (outside of breathing). Moving freight around the city accounts for nearly a quarter of transportation sector carbon emissions, and Wash Cycle is proving that there's a greener, cheaper alternative.

Joel Hommes came to the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) PTAP program in April 2013. He had been working with Wash Cycle for the past two years handling Sales and Business Development. Gabriel and Joel had been exploring the government marketplace as a way of increasing revenues. While they both found the government arena to be a bit overwhelming, Gabriel gave Joel the green light to go full speed ahead to obtain government contracts.

Joel was diligent in his efforts. He reached out to various government resources, attended seminars and events, navigated the government data bases searching for contract leads, and found a contract. He was struggling with the proposal and was referred to the PTAP.

Joel contacted the PTAP for help with a Veteran Administration Medical Center (VAMC) Federal contract for $300,000.00. Joel only had 2 weeks before the due date. Then, there was an amendment to the contract. The due date was extended another 2 weeks and the volume of laundry increased from 8,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds; a big difference. But, not too big for Wash Cycle, as they have current projects that equal that volume.

The PTAC consultant and Joel formulated government marketing strategies while working through the details of the VA Contract to include the completion of mandatory registrations and certifications, strategic government market materials documentation and an analysis and review of the contract competitor. Talk about a quick spin cycle.

Three weeks later, the PTAC consultant received an email… We won it! What a success; their first government contract is a Federal Government Contract worth $300,000.00, not a bad start. Joel expressed his gratitude to the PTAP. “Thanks for your help in navigating this process.”

Wash Cycle continues to work through strategic marketing initiatives with the Temple PTAP in an effort to continue their growth and success in the government arena. Wash Cycle Laundry has 15 employees, six full time and nine part time. In addition, Wash Cycle partners with two amazing organizations, Philadelphia Works, Inc. and Gearing Up, which help them hire driven, motivated adults who are ready to get back on their feet.