Clarion Center for the Arts

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Clarion Center for the Arts opened in August 2013, having always been a vision of the owner, BreAnna Kirkland. Ms. Kirkland has lived in the area through her adolescence, and knows the values of a small town community. BreAnna is currently a student at Clarion University majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Small Business Management and will be taking classes in the fall while she also begins to teach her first classes at Clarion Center for the Arts. The choice to start a creative arts studio was easy for BreAnna, having taken dance lessons all of her life and having also been teaching some private lessons to several students.
Opening a new business is not easy, as BreAnna faced many challenges throughout the process. She worked tirelessly to develop a business plan while also attending classes in the spring and maintaining multiple jobs. Although being turned down on loans several times, BreAnna persevered and obtained the financing to be able to open for the fall.
The Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) first became involved during the PASSHE business plan competition. Housed within the SBDC, the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center, which reaches inward to students at the university, began assisting BreAnna with a business plan. Although she did not win the competition, she continued to pursue her goal as the SBDC assisted in the development of her business plan. BreAnna first began the process of planning by taking a First Step class with the SBDC. With the help of the SBDC she finished her business plan that was used to secure the needed funding.
The opening of Clarion Center for the Arts created several jobs, including the hiring of two highly seasoned dance instructors, a well qualified acting instructor, and a young and talented instructor for dance. The financing obtained enabled BreAnna to fully equip her studio and hire these four individuals to further advance the education of all the students at Clarion Center for the Arts.
The opening of Clarion Center for the Arts has provided BreAnna Kirkland the opportunity to combine her education with her passion for dance. For community members, this is an opportunity for them and their children to become versed in many styles of dance and acting as well. Because of all the assistance BreAnna received, Clarion Center for the Arts is positioned to become another thriving business in the Clarion Community.