Woody’s Ale House & Grille

As the new owners of Woody’s Ale House & Grille, Kevin & Debbie West knew they had a lot to learn about running a restaurant and bar. They thought the restaurant and bar, former mainstay of the downtown Towanda area, was in the perfect location, and they were committed to running a business.

For a bank referral in a risky industry, the University of Scranton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consultant knew that the content and viability of the business plan would be most crucial to the project, which was valued at almost $500,000. Meeting with the potential owners in February, the consultant fleshed out their needs, which primarily included guidance and review of their business plan draft, as well as discussion of the industry, food and beverage costing, and business naming. Also they later covered topics such as staffing, vendors, B2B relationships, facility changes and licensing departments, competitive analysis ideas, and goals.

While the consultant worked with Debbie on the business plan, Kevin went to work on shadowing the previous owner and re-imagining the facility as a lunchtime and dinner hub with a fun logo and family atmosphere. Later, the business plan review was completed with final thoughts provided. The plan was later submitted to the bank for financing and approved for $400,000, which was augmented by personal investment from the owners.

Celebrating their opening in July, the business boasts a friendly atmosphere, delicious menu, and ten part-time employees ready to serve Bradford County residents and all travelers. The SBDC will continue to follow up with the business as they navigate the most critical and challenging first year of business!