G&B Construction, Inc.

In 2011, George (G) and Berla (B), two very experienced masons, began offering concrete and masonry services to homeowners and commercial concerns in the Eastern Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. Within a short period of time, the partners had developed an impressive level of sales and were beginning to establish a reputation for high quality work and customer service. On the “business” end of things, unofficially, Andreea Ambrus was helping the two partners manage and organize the operation: bookkeeping, scheduling, advertising, etc.  To continue expanding the business operation, in 2013 Andreea Ambrus formally established G&B Construction, Inc. as a woman-owned company.   

As G&B Construction continued growing sales, Andreea began to feel more and more uncomfortable with not having a clear plan or roadmap to guide that growth. In October 2014, Andreea discovered the Small Business Development Center of the Fox School of Business at Temple University and contacted SBDC for help.

During the initial meeting with the SBDC Consultant, Andreea was provided with information on utilizing independent contractors, hiring employees and an overview of the strategic planning process.  It was also recommended that she participate in the Temple SBDC’s Entrepreneurial Success Workshop Series to gain knowledge of business planning and financial management issues. As a result of participating in the ESWS class, Andreea developed a comprehensive strategic business plan that is currently being used to guide the further development and growth of G&B Construction.

The SBDC consultant has also worked with the G&B Construction staff on several other operational aspects including, but not limited to, developing a project costing model for use in providing quotes for their services, development of an employee manual, and guidance on establishing cloud-based data storage capability. Andreea continues to work with the SBDC consultant in specifying a customer relationship management system and personnel management systems to support the continued growth of the business.  

As a result of their work with the SBDC in developing a strategic, planned approach to growth, G&B Construction has gone from a team of two (George & Berla) to a team of 6 full time and 3 part time employees in the past year, with plans to add more within the next few months. They have implemented an apprentice training program to address the dearth of workers skilled in the masonry arts, and have recently moved out of their home-based office into an office space in Montgomery County. They expect revenue to triple this year as a result of their successful growth.